About YFG

Who are you and why are you on the internet?

I’m 27, semi-retired and live in London, UK. As you’ve probably guessed, I’m a member of the FIRE (financial independence retire early) community.

My own FI journey started at 16 years old when my father passed away, and I became responsible for my own finances. At the age of 26 I reached FI, hence the “young”.

I am an ACA chartered accountant by trade, and also hold MCSI (Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment) and IMC (Investment Management Certificate) qualifications.

I worked for two years for one of the Big Four, and before that three years at another financial services firm in London.

I quit full-time work in autumn 2016 after Mrs YFG insisted I leave to focus on our joint FI journey. She had the pleasure of my ramblings for years and also encouraged me to set up this blog. Mrs YFG is still at work as she is a weird person who actually likes her job.

I have a couple of contracts for ad-hoc work but other than that I’m a free agent. I invested and saved wisely to build myself a passive income which enables me to spend my time reading and looking after Mrs YFG.

Why did you set up this blog?

On my FI journey I followed and tracked other bloggers (Mr Money Mustache, Early Retirement Extreme and in the UK, Monevator.com and Retirement Investing Today as well as many others). Two things I’ve noticed about the community is that most individuals are based in the US or Canada, and almost all of them are in their thirties, forties or older. My FI journey began a decade ago and I don’t know anyone else my age online who is doing what I do. The perception among many is that I am a miser who spends as little as humanly possible, but in actual truth it’s a combination of being frugal, hard-working and, in some ways, lucky.

Most people expect that you have to be in at least your thirties to achieve FI but it’s never too early to start building a positive relationship with money.

After seeing most of my friends struggle on (insanely) good salaries and make sketchy financial commitments, I got frustrated and one of the ways I might be able to help people (in a Mustachian way) is to set up online myself. It’s free for them and for me.

More on this all later.

I’m going to be doing posts on my thoughts on FI as well as tracking my own journey. Watch this space.




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