About YFG

Who are you and why are you on the internet?

I’m in my late-20s, semi-retired and live in London, UK. As you may have guessed, I’m a member of the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) community.

My own FI journey started at 16 years old when my father passed away, and I became responsible for my own finances. I inherited a low six-figure sum but had no idea how to invest it. Over the years, I learned about investing and the importance of saving. After saving over 50% of my income for many years, and investing my money wisely, I reached Financial Independence when I was 26.

I am an ACA Chartered Accountant by trade, and also hold MCSI (Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment) and IMC (Investment Management Certificate) qualifications.

I worked for two years for one of the Big Four, and before that three years at another financial services firm in London. Before that, I had all manner of part-time jobs (retail, office assistant, carer).

I quit full-time work in autumn 2016 after Mrs YFG told me to stop being so miserable at work and do stuff I enjoyed instead. She had the pleasure of my ramblings for years and also encouraged me to set up this blog. Mrs YFG is still at work as she is a weird person who actually likes her job (most of the time…)

I do some various ad-hoc work but other than that I’m a free agent. I invested and saved wisely to build myself a passive income which enables me to spend my time reading and looking after Mrs YFG.

Why did you set up this blog?


After seeing most of the people I know struggle on (insanely) good salaries and make sketchy financial commitments, I got frustrated and one of the ways I might be able to help people is to share some of my ramblings online. It’s also a way to give back to a community that has helped me so much, and so I feel honour bound to give back and pass on things I’ve learnt over the years. This website is completely free, there are no ads. The only money I make on this website is from Amazon links to books I’ve read and reviewed. I think I’ve made a grand total of £2 or something…





Please note, I’m not an FCA authorised financial adviser. The site provides information, comment and opinion for information purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. The site may contain incorrect information or mistakes. You should do your own research or speak to an authorised financial advisor or financial planner before making any and every investment decision. If you make an investment or decision on the basis of any information you do it at your own risk.

[Last edit: 28/03/2019]