An interview with David at Let’s Automate Your Money

A lovely chap called David got in touch with me to ask me some money questions. David runs a site called Let’s Automate Your Money (

I was honoured to be asked for my thoughts. Especially considering his previous interviewees include some FIRE community big-hitters such as J. Money and Making Sense of Cents.

In writing up my responses to David’s questions I read all the other interviews he’s done. There were two common themes that jumped out for me (and I wrote about in my interview). Those are:

  • Start today (investing, learning, doing what you want)
  • Take full advantage of opportunities that come your way

Those are big themes of this blog too. I’m where I am today because of some big dollops of luck which I was able to take advantage of. I firmly believe that everyone has an edge in something (or can learn or develop that edge). If you’re reading this, I’d really encourage you to think about what edges you have and how you can exploit them to reach your financial and life goals.

You can read the full interview here:

You can read the great insights from other interviewees here:


All the best,

Young FI Guy

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