For a long time, I had intended to change the theme of this site which would allow me to have a blogroll on the right-hand side of the page. The reality is that I’m never going to get around to it. I like the clean nature of this theme too much, I’m too lazy and computers are confusing. So instead, on this page, you can see a list of some of the FI and investing blogs I follow. I’m sure I’ve missed some out and it’s not possible to list every single blog I read, but I hope this page is a good resource for those looking to read more.

Monevator – Monevator was one of the major influences for me on my FI journey. Back nearly 10 years ago, finding information on personal investing was very difficult. I think I ended up typing in google: “how the bloody hell do I start investing in the stock market?” and found Monevator. It’s the blog that got me started on investing in uni and has helped me to get where I am today. Besides, The Investor (the blog’s operator) has done the crazy thing of letting me write on the blog now too!

Mr Money Mustache – MMM for short. He’s the big dog of the FIRE world and it was via Monevator I found his blog and in turn FIRE. His blog really changed my thinking from: “I’d like to retire in my 40s/50s” to “Why not much sooner?”. He posts less often these days, but his back catalogue of posts is unparalleled.

Raptitude – David Cain is an incredibly talented writer, looking at the philosophical elements of being a human. His blog is intertwined with the FIRE movement. He also posts less often these days, but he wrote one of my all-time favourite blog posts: An interview with the man.

The Escape Artist – Barney is the Escape Artist. An alter ego he takes quite seriously (with the jacket to boot). Barney brings a zing to FIRE, unlike any other blogger. That’s to be expected from a guy who had the chops to work a long, successful career in corporate finance. He can rub some people up the wrong way (at least if you consider Daily Mail comments ‘some people’…) but he is an immensely engaging storyteller. You’ll learn a lot from his blog, start reading.

Retirement Investing Today – RIT has been documenting his successful FIRE journey for nearly 10 years. He brings a level of detail and analysis unlike anything else in the UK FIRE community. His writing has been very influential on how I analyse and think about my investments.

DIY Investor – John was another investment blogger writing about investing long before it became ubiquitous. Self-taught he sets out how he has analysed his investments and constructed his portfolio. Whilst DIY Investor is more of an active investor than I am, his careful look at the processes and considerations for retail (DIY) investors have helped me become a better investor.

UK Value Investor – Also a John, UKVI was the blog I wish I had read before I started picking my first stocks. Whilst I’m now a dyed in the wool passive investor, John has set out the path for retail investors to create their own value/income-focused investment portfolios.

The FIRE Starter – Andy is one of the stalwarts of the UK FIRE scene. He’s just reached his 5th anniversary and documents his journey with humour and candour. He also writes about matched betting (something that flies well over my head).

Quietly Saving – Weenie is also a stalwart. She’s been ‘quietly saving’ sharing her journey with the community in her kind and considerate manner. She’s also does matched betting.

Fire V London – FvL is an odd chap, in the sense that he’s a high net worth individual going about FIRE in a completely different way to everyone else. Whilst most FIRE blogs follow a frugal element to some extent, FvL does not appear to do so (if his ‘dream home’ is anything to go by). He’s also an angel investor which offers up lots of interesting stories.

Ms Zi You – Ms Zi You is relatively new to the community (I think about the same length of time as this blog). Her blog is a very different take from the average FIRE fare (high-income male engineer type) – her strapline is simply: “Feminist FIRE blogger”. Ms Zi You has also started a UK FIRE podcast, shockingly named: UK FI Pod which is well worth a listen to!

The FIRE Shrink – FIRE Shrink has the double whammy of both working for the NHS and living in Wales (my in-laws are, unfortunately, Welsh). Amongst his musings, he shares his excellent weekly roundup: “The Full English Accompaniment”.

The Humble Penny – Ken has a magnificent FIRE story which I can’t hope to give justice to (he tells it even better in person). He’s also been spreading the FIRE in the UK media!

FI UK Money – Mr and Mrs Fu are unusual in the FIRE community as they have 6 (six) kids! Much of their blog is devoted to their thoughtful attempts to develop a positive attitude toward money for their children.

Cashflow Cop – A relatively new blogger, Cashflow Cop works (wonder if you’ve guessed it) in the police service.

Saving Ninja – Saving Ninja has only just started blogging but has hit the ground running. Mrs YFG and I have had the great pleasure of meeting the Ninja a few times (not so stealthy after all)!

Indeedably – Indeedably has a beautiful website and writes some really thought-provoking pieces on life and finances. They seem to be a person of many talents, despite what appears to be the very obvious setback of being born in Australia (and therefore always in the shadow of the England Rugby and England and Wales Cricket team…) Thankfully, they live in the UK so they can eat strawberries in safety for now…