Freedom to fail

For Mrs YFG, Financial Independence is freedom to fail. She can try to earn money doing something she loves, and it might not work, or she might not love it in the end, and that’s OK. For me, FI, was about doing what I wanted when I wanted – not having to do put up with other peoples’ nonsense.

Until very recently, Mrs YFG’s view of failure was not being a “good” lawyer. Not succeeding in her chosen career or not achieving the gold stars which have encouraged her through life to where she is now. Losing her job, or moving on to a job which was not adequate in her eyes, was a failure. For me, failure was being forced into doing things that led to me being unhappy.

But when we discussed we both agreed – we both wanted freedom. Mrs YFG had thought that if she was senior enough or rich enough, she could make decisions and work for herself. What she realised over time is that if she spends her salary, she’s wedded to the job. I find Mrs YFG an inspiration, she does a job that she loves and she is great at it. My old bosses often said I was great at my job, but I hated it. Mrs YFG inspires me to keep failing until I find something that I love doing.

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