Mr and Mrs YFG are on a podcast!

Ever wondered what Mr and Mrs YFG sound like? No? OK, well you can find out anyway! as we were interviewed for Ms Zi You’s UK Financial Independence podcast, UK FI Pod.

Here’s the link.

You’ll hear about such interesting things as:

  • Our world-famous pets
  • How Mrs YFG puts up with Mr YFG being a boring accountant (alcohol, lots of it)
  • Mr YFG being a boring accountant

I hope you enjoy.

8 thoughts on “Mr and Mrs YFG are on a podcast!

    1. Thanks Weenie. One funny story I forgot to say on the podcast was that for a while I was the only unemployed person in the household. The pets having their own employment contract as social media influencers…

  1. great stuff – closet typist eh? if you want a real challenge (and have plenty of spare time) how about ditching qwerty and learning colemak. Its a pretty serious bit of deep-motor retraining! Hard, but your fingers may thank you long-term. Its not until you have a crack you realise how ingrained qwerty is. I’m running a customised colemak variant and have got up to ~80wpm at > 98% accuracy. There’s a colemak advocate who’s just broken 200wpm – ludicrous speed!

    1. Haha. I’m wasted in this modern era! I didn’t know about colemak, interesting. I think the difficulty I’d have is it would mess up all my muscle memory for excel shortcuts. Querty is a funny thing. In that it’s designed to be bad – the inventor came up with it because typists were typing too fast on typewriters and clogging the machines, so he tried to work out a key combination just difficult enough to slow them down. Yet here we are, typewriters long gone and we still use it!

      I don’t type as often as I used to (given I no long draft long reports), but I took a few typing tests this morning to see where I was at: c.65wpm c.95% accuracy. Which I’ll happily take! The bottleneck for me is my brain – I usually write out blog posts by hand (or at least shorthand) as I find it much easier to get into the flow that way.

      1. your dead right on qwerty – its a great example of the value in getting there first – we’re pretty much all mucking about using a technology created in the 1870s – its nuts!

        Shortcuts are the least of your worries when none of the keys are in the right place any more. The first few weeks when you’re wallowing around at ~5wpm make you want to cry. Incredibly frustrating. Muscle memory is hard to undo.

        All things considered, you’re probably best giving it a miss. It takes months if not years to do and there’s a bunch of associated technical potential pitfalls. The juice probably isn’t worth the squeeze.

        I put my adoption down to a spate of heightened contrarianism about 3 or 4 years ago. Its great when you finally get it though, as your fingers barely have to move across the keyboard anymore.

        Maybe I’ll migrate to steno plover next and start typing in chords? I believe 200wpm is the norm with that system..

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