I’ve had many requests for various articles – both technical and personal. Following a reader’s helpful suggestion, I’ve set up this page to collect these requests. Below is the list of articles on my ‘to do list’. If there’s something you’d like me to write about please post a comment a below. Alternatively, email me at yfg[at] or you can use Twitter to get in touch: @youngfiguy.

Let me know if any of the topics are of particular interest!

Technical topics:


Beyond tracker funds – status: got the overall gist, need to create post structure

Crowd Funding – status: need to do research

Innovative ISAs & P2Pstatus: got all the info, need to write it up (link)


Purchased Life Annuities (PLAs) – status: bit more research needed, looking for good sources for further reading


Dividend Allowance – status: in the long grass at the moment


What is the TPR? – status: idea only at the moment

Pension transfer shenanigans – status: idea only at the moment

The NHS pension(s) – status: gotta get reading

Accounting/Finance Profession

Are the big 4 bad dudes? – I kinda wrote about this in my Carillion series: (link)



Book reviewsthinking about writing a review of each book I read SET UP! (link)

Financial Education – status: don’t know where to start, I’m a bit too excitable on it at the moment, need to work out what I want to say

Depression and working in financestatus: once I’ve got the structure I’ll be writing this (link)

Depression and FI

How I track my net worth – status: need to sort out spreadsheet

How I track my expensesstatus: need to sort out spreadsheet DONE! (link)

Student Loans – when are they worth it?

Why I’m anonymous